Indoor Herb Garden

I love having fresh herbs on hand. I use a lot of herbs in my cooking and I love to make herb lemon water. Even though I live in California, the winter months do get a little cooler and make it a little challenging to grow herbs outdoors. So I love to make little indoor herb gardens in the winter months. I keep them up on the windowsill in my kitchen so they are readily available. I love to place them in a Monica Potter Home Barn Box for a cute rustic feel. Here’s how I made mine.

Here’s what you need:

  • Rocks, gravel, pebbles, or marbles
  • Glass containers ( I used MPH candle jars)
  • Potting mix, preferably moisture control
  • Herb markers
  • MPH Large Vintage Barn Box
  • Herbs
  • Water

Start by adding about 2 inches of pebbles to your glass jar.

Next, fill the jar with potting mix leaving a hole in the center to plant the herb.

Plant your herbs and top with a small handful of potting mix. Lightly water the top of the soil.

Place indoor near a windowsill so that it receives ample sunlight.