Among my favorite things in the kitchen are fresh herbs, but many times I’ll forget to grab them at the store when I’m picking things up for dinner. A friend recently gave me a great idea to solve this problem and I’ve finally gotten around to making it: a Kitchen-Ready Hanging Herb Garden. This herb garden can be hung right next to your stove, so when you need a little pizzazz while cooking, you can reach right over and pick your favorite fresh herbs. Don’t worry, they may look really pretty, but it literally took me twenty minutes to make the entire thing, mistakes and all. For this project, you’ll need: -Hanging glass terrariums (as many as you like) -Herb plants of your choice (if you grow them from the seed, extra points for you!) -Potting soil -Clear fishing wire (I got the kind that holds up to 20 lbs. You know me, safety first!) -Ceiling hooks Pick out your plants. I chose basil, oregano, cilantro and lemon balm because I use those the most (though I’ll probably add rosemary and mint as well).

So I was all excited to plant my favorite little herbs until I discovered that a lot of the leafier plants are too big for most terrariums. If this is the case for your herbs, you’ll have to split the plant in half before you plant it. Get a little bit of soil into the terrarium first to make a nice bed for the roots, then after you place the plant inside, put some potting soil on top to cover the roots

Once you’ve successfully transplanted your herb, give yourself a pat on the back, then proceed to fluffing up the leaves and shaking off any dirt from the plant.

The place that was most convenient for me to hang the herb garden was next to my stove (fresh oregano in my pasta? Yes please!), but you can also tie the fishing wire around curtain rods and hang them from the window. The only thing you need to be careful about is watering the plants—make sure you put just enough water to make the soil damp. Don’t be overzealous like me and end up with a little mud puddle on your kitchen floor. Enjoy your new delicious, gorgeous herb garden!