I knew that I wanted to make something to add to the hand-painted champagne flutes that I made for Chris for Valentines Day. I have seen glittered champagne bottles before in stores and thought that I would try to make one. I bought a bottle of our favorite champagne and pulled out the glitter (I chose Silver and teal to match the painted flutes). Here is how I did it. 1 champagne bottle 2 different colored glitter ½ cup mod podge 1 sponge brush Acrylic sealing spray Begin by removing the labels off the champagne bottle. I ran it under water and used a scraper to remove all the gum and paper. Dry the bottle and place over a paper bag or foil to protect your tabletop or work space.

Starting at the neck of the bottle and working down, apply your mod podge. I did these in sections so the mod podge didn’t start drying. Once you apply the mod podge begin glittering the lighter of the two colors to the top of the bottle. Make sure you only glitter the top 1/3 of the bottle. Next, combine the two glitters into a small bowl do achieve an ombre appearance. This will be the glitter for the middle section of the bottle.

Apply the mod podge to the middle of the bottle and sprinkle the combined glitter to this section. Complete the bottle with the lower layer. Apply the mod podge and coat it with the darker glitter color. Once it is dry, take the bottle outside and spray the sealing spray to the bottle to seal the glitter to the bottle. Allow it to dry for at least 5 hours.

Pair the bottle with the hand-painted flutes and surprise your loved one with a gorgeous handmade gift! Happy Valentines Day! Photos: Monica Potter Home