From A to Z: A is for Arnica – it helps inflammation, shortens healing time, & improves your skin. Take it as a supplement or use its oil in a salve. 

B is for Beetroot – it fights heart disease, lowers cholesterol, & combats dementia. Drink it as juice or take as supplement. 

C is for Chamomile – did you know that it can help soothe colicky babies? Research shows that chamomile helps colic – this one’s for new parents. 

D is for Dandelion – it helps with acne, diabetes, eczema, jaundice, AND it’s pretty & lucky (medically proven…haha) 

E is for Echinacea – it’s great for relieving flu & cold symptoms and boosts your immune system. 

F is for Flaxseed – 1/2 teaspoon a day keeps you regular & 2 tablespoons will help reduce hot flashes & the risk of breast cancer, as well as prostate cancer. Just be sure to start slowly with flaxseed – start with 1/2 teaspoon a day & work your way up to 2 tablespoons a day. 

G is for Ginger – it’s basically a superfood that helps with motion sickness & stomachaches, prevents the cold & flu, reduces pain & inflammation, strengthens your immunity, and helps with morning sickness – amazing right? And it’s incredibly versatile – you can brew it as a tea, add it to food, eat it as candy…the possibilities are endless. 

H is for Honey – it helps with allergies, throat irritation & it’s antibacterial (honey has an enzyme used in hydrogen peroxide!) 

I is for Isatis Root – it helps treat colds, nose/throat/sinus infections, and sore throats. It’s best to take this in tea, preferably with some chamomile & honey. 

J is for Juniper Berries – it eases bloating, heartburn, is antiseptic & helps joint pain – use in tea, foods, or oil. 

K is for Kudzu – it treats cold & flu symptoms, relieves headaches & migraines AND (drumroll, please) helps hangovers. 

L is for Lavender – it does wonders for your mental health – it calms the nerves, relieves anxiety, helps stress & depression, & it’s excellent for aiding sleep and relieving insomnia. 

M is for Marsh Mallow Root – It helps with congestion & soothing sore throats, control blood sugar, & treat UTIs and stomach ulcers. And yes, marshmallows (the campfire kind) will help soothe your sore throat! 

N is for Stinging Nettles – they’re antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & rich in iron, and also great for detox & treating arthritis! 

O is for Olive Oil – it gives you amazing skin & hair, and also cures earaches (swab ear cavity lightly with olive oil to relieve pain & to remove wax). 

P is for Peppermint – it helps with congestion, nausea, gas, & bloating – it’s pretty great in some tea or candy! 

R is for Rhubarb – it boosts your immune system & is high in fiber, plus goes great in some pie. 

S is for Shea Butter – it’s great for skin & hair (as well as minor cuts & burns) – Shea Butter is amazing as a moisturizer! 

T is for Tea – it’s antioxidant, helps with weight management, & helps endurance (plus it’s delicious!). 

U is for Uva Ursi – it’s anti-inflammatory & astringent, making it especially effective for UTIs. 

V is for Vetiver – it’s calming to the nerves & helps with joint stiffness, fatigue & soreness. 

W is for Witch Hazel – it helps cuts & bruises, sore gums, arthritis & stiff muscles.

 X is for Xanthan Gum – it’s the best gluten substitute for gluten-free diets. Use it in any recipe as a thickener or binder. 

Y is for Ylang Ylang – it’s calming, relieves anxiety & keeps hair thick, shiny & lustrous – amazing! 

Z is for Zest – It boosts your immunity, lowers cholesterol, & helps promote strong, healthy nails. Zest from all types of citrus fruits are great for your every day diet.