Molly wanted to make some Valentine’s candy jars for some of her friends. She wanted them to be unique and fun, so we thought about painting old MPH candle jars with paint and leaving a heart cut out on the front, so the Valentine’s Day candy can shine through. Here’s how she made them.


  • 1 heart sticker
  • 1 can white spray paint
  • Valentine’s Day M&M’s
  • Red Sharpie marker
  • Glass container ( I used an MPH candle jar)

Start by cleaning the outside of the jar.

Once it is clean and dry, add your heart sticker to the center of the jar. You can put one large heart like I did, or a collage of smaller hearts. Make sure the stickers are secure to the glass, so there isn’t any paint leakage ( if there is, you can use a qtip and nail polish remover to clean up the paint).

Next tip the jar upside down and paint the whole thing ( I did this outside, so I didn’t have paint fumes in my house). Let the paint completely dry.

After you finish painting, remove the sticker. I traced the heart with a red sharpie marker adding small dots along the heart for an extra pop of color.

Fill the jar with your colorful Valentine’s day candy and your jar is ready to gift. After the candy is gone, this would make an adorable pen holder, a makeup brush holder or an accessory caddy for the bathroom.